Patience is a learned behaviour for me and it always will be… My energy is fiery, and there are times it has got the better of me but I continue to learn as time goes on.

Why do I write this stuff?

There is something enchanting about the influx of words that seem to fall out of nowhere, and I choose to write because I can get lost in a world that teaches me something new everyday.

More often than not my thoughts tend to come in a scrambled combination of poetry and philosophy. Words rise and fall between the lines of my pages usually between the hours of 12:00am- 1:00am, and randomly throughout commutes or workouts. Sometimes these words feel like they are for me, almost like a whisper appears, and disappear in and out of my world. On the other hand, there are times when what I write is meant for someone else to hold, and I just happen to be the conduit selected to pass along a few strings of words.

Can you relate?

Having felt the magnitude of resistance in my world alone in a multitude of ways. I believe we can all relate to the power patience has when we soften into its roots- especially during turbulence. Getting caught in the web of western culture can leave us feeling robbed of peace, clarity, and freedom. Cultivating a practice of patience through breath, movement, and self-awareness is necessary as we continue to race against the fabricated ‘clock’ of time.


Patience requires the act of liberating thought, and tuning into the reality at your finger tips,
Patience requires leaning into the space between the sound so you can hear the notes,
Patience requires understanding the paradox between ‘right’ and ‘wrong,’
Patience requires compassion towards self and others,
Patience requires trust in self- so one can embrace uncertainty as it unfolds,
Patience requires honouring the choices, and cards we are dealt independent of the beauty or filth that prevails,
Patience requires a practice of breathing, moving, and being with what is,
Patience requires keen listening,
Patience requires a mind that is willing to continue on with minimal momentum even during suffering,
Patience requires the fundamental understanding, and acceptance of variability,
Patience requires surrendering to certainty and having faith in your imagination,
Patience requires rich devotion to gratitude, and an attitude that brings delight to the small things in life…
Patience harvests the strength you do not know you hold.

A Prerequisite for Self-Mastery

Patience allows the absorption and assimilation of life’s meaning to unfurl, and transcend into the world- in turn bringing forth one’s individuality, artistry, and craftsmanship,
Patience nurtures the bond between the mortal and their inner genius,
Patience breeds fluidity, and lucidity into the nature of ones creative expressions,
Patience brings peace, and grace into the laboratory of personal experience,
Patience makes victory sweet, but victory is not timeless- its nature is frivolous,
Whereas patience elicits the cause and effect that formulates the existence of everlasting change- infinite beauty- a continuous ephemeral bloom,
Patience endows us with sovereignties that enlightens and exposes our ethereal greatness,
Patience is the home of self-mastery.

Patience allows us to accept and release

One of our greatest challenges is to labour in love patiently over the course of our journey, and to accept the evolution within the ‘process’ of our totality. The vocation of our inner hero/heroine is to love every fracture that splits our seams; to morph pain, and distain into beauty; and to lead ourselves with a persistent effort towards the realization, and expression of our dreams.

Moment to Moment

Remember everything takes time… Allow the natural flow of your passion to move through your veins and heal your wounds. Accept erosion, and yield to the temptation of resistance, this will bring forth your sanctuary of peace… Always hold true to majestic dreams that bring wonderment to your door. Learn to move with a little more ease, and the seed of patience will grow.

 I get it, sometimes it feels like the world is coming to an end or as though the sky is going to fall on you- and only you. Remember everything has a way of working itself out, remain steadfast along the path that makes your heart soar. 

-xo s


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