We all have ‘something’ we fear

What is yours?


How has carrying this/these fears affected the trajectory of your life?

Ultimately ‘Fear’ is an illusion in the mind. Apart from imminent danger such as facing a bear in the woods, there is really nothing to ‘fear’ except for the thoughts and beliefs we play against ourselves in our minds.

Today, we have everything we need at our finger tips. In the 20th century we have more reasons to relax than to fear the uncertainty of tomorrow. Yet often, we are plagued with debilitating thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, that leave us feeling worried, anxious, stressed and powerless.

Fear, often has a negative consequences on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Living from a place of fear encourages insecurity and puts us in a vulnerable state to contract physical and mental illnesses.

I have come to know that fear never really goes ‘away’ but that it can be controlled. Removing ourselves from the beliefs that keep us locked on negativity requires shifting our perspective and reframing what fear means to us.


I truly believe that when we own who we are with conviction we open the door for radical change in our lives. This is because we are ‘real’ with ourselves, no longer hiding or masking sore wounds. Instead, we create a loving space to be vulnerable with ourselves, and this allows us to face our fears with a commitment to understand and dismiss the thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us.

STRATEGY VIDEO Link at the end of this Post!

My favourite strategy for overcoming some of my deepest fears has been turning the intangible source into a tangible thing. This has allowed me to see things clearly, and implement a practice around viewing my ‘fears’ as though they were inanimate objects. This mental shift offers me the power of presence and choice.

Every time I am confronted with something I am afraid of…

“I make a conscious decision to bathe in fear, dissect it and dismiss it!”

Someone asked me a couple weeks ago, “Sian, why do you always do the things that scare you if it is uncomfortable?”

And my answer is, I do it because the majority of the things I love- I was once afraid of… so my experience of facing fear has offered me a greater incentive than becoming paralyzed by discomfort.

What I know for sure is:

“You have to be willing to do the things you think you cannot do in the moments you think you can’t, in order to have the things you’ve always dreamed of having.”

So I know that I am going to have to face fear and kick it to the curb in order to pursue the ambitions that I feel ‘called’ to pursue.


What about you…

Where do you feel ‘stuck’ or where do you notice yourself falling in the mud and letting it get the better of you?

Do you have a strategy to overcome what you want to be able to conquer?

In the following video I offer my perspective and a way of viewing fear and projections so that YOU can OVERCOME YOUR FEARS.

As a panel guest with I AM PROJECT YOU founded by Meagan Ayres, I shared my view point and strategy of how to ‘see’ fear and dismiss it!

NOTE: CONQUERING FEAR IS NOT AN OVERNIGHT PROCESS. It takes practice and discipline but this strategy and exercise offers ‘you’ a way to alter your perception of fear/projections so that you can overcome what is holding you back!

I hope you choose to instill a practice of eroding your fears so that you can discover more of who you are!

Be your best,