“Step into your confidence with conviction to run and rule your world from the inside-out.”


What is The Business of You?

High Performance Intuitive Coaching led by Sian Flanagan. The Business of You is all about you. Experience one to one coaching to support you in bridging the gap to eliminate generalized anxiety so you can reclaim your vibrant health, confidence and sovereignty in your life, body and business as a soulful entrepreneur.

What Coach Sian does?

Leading Intuitive Performance Coach and Limitless Living Activator, Sian takes you through a guided experience to ditch & detox what is no longer serving your highest self and supports you in aligning with fulfillment, rejuvenation and confidence through the 30 day, 60 day or 90 day program using the Vibrant Living Method to rewire your brain and physiology for life changing results.

The Vibrant Living System integrates scientific and holistic practices and tools. Sian educates and empowers you to develop foundational alignment with your authentic self so you can engage in the present moment as an inspired limitless creator of your life, body and business.

Bridging the Gaps to Vibrant Living.

Step One

“Laser Lucid Clarity”

The Business of You coaching supports you in taking action from where you are to where you want to be by dissolving anxiety and supporting you in developing a mindset that unleashes your vibrant health, confidence and fulfillment. Sian’s one-one coaching provides you with the guidance and tools to establish a core foundation of unwavering confidence by offering you a proven system that allows you to cultivate your authentic self, vibrancy and fulfillment day-day.

Step Two

“Show up for You”

As a Human Being often the ‘being’ gets left out, especially when you are a do’er. Here, you discover how to reconnect with your internal resources. Tuning into how you are choosing to ‘be’ allows you to learn what is serving you and what is no longer serving your authentic-self. The process of ‘being’ allows you to re-connect with your intuition and re-establish true alignment with self-love and your natural gifts, talents, core values so you can cultivate joy and confidence from the inside out.

Step Three

“Activate your Soulful Leader”

The Process of “Doing’ deals with what you are choosing to do and what you prioritize personally and professionally. It involves getting clear and honest about the level of fulfillment, engagement and productivity you are experiencing with the choices you are selecting day-day and adopting behaviours to shift your actions in the direction of your true desires from the root of inspiration instead of ‘the grind.’

Step Four

“The Vibrant Living System”

The Navigating Compass and The Vibrant Living Lifestyle Method are two key systems that support you in deploying practices and disciplines necessary to cultivate your skillsets, strengths and confidence to bridge the gaps; taking you from where you are to where you want to be at lightening speed. There are seven Fundamental Fitness Practices that support you in nurturing your life, body and business into alignment with ease and joy. The fitness practices are strategically integrated to fit your distinct needs to instil a resilient and confident foundation for life, long-term.

The Business of You is all about making the process of transformation and optimization fun. Together, we empty your brain on the table and sift through what is serving you and what is no longer serving you. Once we have clarity about the visions and goals you want to create, we begin to bridge the gaps from where you are currently at to where you want to be in your life, body and business. Using the strategic approach of The Vibrant Living Lifestyle Method, The Navigating Compass and the Seven Imperial Fitness practices, we work together to align, shift and mobilize the new version of you with ease and confidence.

Discover confidence and fulfillment by becoming the CEO of your life, body and business.”