Building Confidence

We all face self-doubt, worry and a lack of confidence in some areas of our lives. Independent of where any insecurities stem from, there is a way to reconcile fears, doubts and insecurities. It takes time, but with persistence and sheer determination mixed with action you can transform any aspect of your life.

My body used to be skin and bone, I had great cardio but I had such a hard time gaining muscle and holding weight- and I definitely had a flat ass. I couldn’t do a push up, I couldn’t lift my own body weight, nor could I complete a chin up or a pull up. In my youth I guess you could say I was in “the safe house” since the world projects “skinny” or lean as the look your body “should” be. I didn’t want that though. I wanted to feel strong in my body and mind without feeling like I had an image to uphold.
Learning effective training, and scaling back “comparison” was a couple of the things that built my level of confidence today. Making a clear decision to move myself into a space of empowerment: What I do, I do for me, period- created freedom.

The more I did things my way without hesitation the more freedom I gained mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Creating a clear cut vision of what your standards are for yourself, and upholding them without seeking approval or a need to prove the rest of the world wrong is the most liberating decision one can make.

We naturally want to please other people- to win their affection. Unfortunately the natural tendency to seek applause from others doesn’t keep us motivated. Internal motivation is the only way to translate desires into reality in order to create true fulfillment.

Confidence is positive self-esteem transmuted into action. These are both built off the backbone of the beliefs and standards you adhere to- You have to learn to repeatedly assert thoughts, and beliefs that serve your internal desires- what makes sense, and feels “right” to you and only you- no exceptions.

There are so many projections broadcasted across the globe today about the trends, and ideologies women and men should uphold- not only for themselves but requesting that we hold each other to. You’ve got to sift through the rubbish.

Only pack around what you want to hold and keep. Everything has a cost. Taking the time to clear up mental real estate is a necessary reset button that doesn’t get pressed enough. We all have some thoughts we could purge to ensure we are making the best decisions we can offer ourselves. Adopting ideologies and practices that bring fulfillment versus emptiness is a must.

Surround yourself with people that positively influence your lifestyle, and focus on bringing your awareness to your thoughts to foster positive self-talk-  cut the rest.