Conserving energy and expending energy requires a great deal of self-control. Knowing the requirements necessary to balance our input and output helps us in creating consistency and stability in our endeavours. Forfeiting drive when we require rest is a discipline. Balancing our priorities creates a level of order mentally and energetically; this delicate discipline supports us in developing our sense of equilibrium day-day to balance our personal and professional pursuits.

One of my favourite writers is the astonishing James Allan-
This simple text highlights how we fail ourselves when we attempt to override a natural law:

” Many people complain that they have broken down through overwork. In the majority of such cases the breakdown is more frequently the result of foolishly wasted energy. If you would secure health, you must learn to work without friction. To become anxious or excited or to worry over needless details is to invite a breakdown. Work, whether of brain or body, is beneficial and health-giving, and those who can work with a steady and calm persistency, freed from all anxiety and worry and with their minds utterly oblivious to all but the work in hand, will not only accomplish far more than those who are always hurried and anxious, but they will retain their health- a boon which the others quickly forfeit.”

-James Allan 1902